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Erik de la Rivière

Erik de la Rivière

Managing Partner
Since joining the team in 1998, Erik has been in charge of investments in the Internet and media sector. He is currently on the boards of directors of MCI Group and Marco et Vasco. He was previously on the boards of, Bayard Presse International, Canal J, Ciné Groupe, Comfm, Déficom, Elan Speech, FastBooking, Groupe Tectis, ITI/Télé Images, Lagardère Images, Madrid Film, MCM, Naïve,, Store Electronic System, Tele Europe, Teletech, TravelHorizon, Vitaminic, Wild Bunch and ProwebClub/ProwebCE.
Prior to joining the team, Erik was in charge of equity investments in the media and entertainment sector at Banque Worms in Paris, where he managed a specialized venture capital fund, Média Investissement.  He was Chairman and CEO of Amaya Films, an audio-visual rights and production company set up by Banque Worms which he sold to Lagardère Group, as well as Chairman of Voltaire Images, an investment company taking majority equity interests in technical service providers to the audio-visual and film industries which he sold to France Telecom. In addition he was a board member and member of the investment committee of Sopromec, a venture capital subsidiary of Banque Worms. He started his career in the Capital Markets Department at Banque Worms.
Erik is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP) School of Management.

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