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Voice recognition & synthesis applications

AdotMob is the mobile programmatic leading player in France.

Animation producer

Broadband wireless operator


Technology consulting


Alternative fixed operator

Ethernet-based metropolitan network equipment

Alternative Telecom operator

Advertising agency

Multimedia operating system

Pay-TV services

Rich media software for embedded devices

Social payment service for e-commerce

Mobile telephone operator

Children-oriented TV production

Next generation switches

Traffic monitoring application software

Payments technology company

PC/video games magazines publishing

Film and TV production/distribution

Storage systems for high-performance computing

RFID Systems Supplier

Radio Frequency Micro Electro Mechanical Systems switching technology

TV production

Mobile telephone operator

Alternative fixed operator

Radio stations

Hotel reservation service provider

Paid media publishing

Cartoons production

Literature publishing

High-end pre-owned luxury goods marketplace

Advertising agency

Integrated digital marketing solution 

Film and TV production

Reselling only second hand luxury goods authentified by experts

IPinYou Interactive is China’s largest DSP / ad-exchange.

A service provider of Collection Points network in Europe, enabling

TV production, distribution & programming

Film and TV production

Association, communication, congress and event management.

On-site advertising material

Mediakraft Networks is the largest online television channel in cen

Road traffic information service

Mobile telephone operator

Online retailer specialized in car parts and accessories
Mobile ad server and RTB exchange

Specialized TV channels

News TV channel

Music publishing

Online backup and collaboration solutions

Complete electronic trust infrastructure

Mobile networks/Internet gateways

Mobile telephone operator

Security applications service provider

Specialized TV Channel

Web agency

Provider of enterprise software and e-commerce solutions 

DSL service provider

Alternative telecom infrastucture

Radio stations

Commercial TV broadcaster

Electronic shelf labelling systems

Mobile telephone operator

Location-based services

Data mining software

Software solutions for electronic trading

TV and film production and libraries

Specialized wireless technology software

Cross-device data management platform technology

Travel agent specialised in ski holidays

Mobile & SMS interaction service provider

Digital music distribution

Synchronisation software for telco applications

Electronic modules for wireless applications

Filmed entertainment multi-channel distribution platform

Electronic archiving service provider