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Entrepreneurs, you are this world’s true innovators, the change-makers of your time. We are here to stand by you, to support you and bring you expertise along the way.

We invest in tech across the world

Iris Capital has been backing hundreds of entrepreneurs for over 30 years. We went where entrepreneurs took us: from internet companies and software leaders to deep learning and algorithms providers, from e-commerce platforms and connected objects to real-time bidders and fraud detectors…

We are selective

The Iris team is relentlessly searching for amazing entrepreneurs to fuel, innovative thinkers and doers, never-resting disruptors, trail blazers, future leaders who will keep on shaping the world. We admire entrepreneurs with a vision for tomorrow, a plan to make it through today and a drive to grow and succeed. We like the go-getters from day one, the team-builders, the world changers building new models and innovative technologies, with a (business) plan to shake up their market status quo.

We give everything we’ve got

We fuel ambitious entrepreneurs with everything we’ve got: funds, know-how, expertise, network, patience, passion and personal commitment. We speak your language, share your thrills and fears, successes and failures. We listen to you, we think and act, we hint at possible paths, we suggest structure and we open doors nationally and internationally. We do it until you reach success, or avoid failure. Because we are together in both.

Your questions

Investments strategies
  • What companies do we invest in?

    We proactively look for companies with the potential to be industry disrupters and leaders, locally and internationally. We invest in experienced teams, cutting edge technologies, high-growth markets, viable and sustainable business models. We invest at different stages: from effective start of revenue generation to growth capital for profitable companies.

  • What sectors do we target?

    We are interested in fast growing digital companies that are reshaping entire industries: from Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and 5G networks, to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Software Design. 

    This digital industry is undergoing strong long term growth as well as constant change, bolstered by technological progress, regulatory changes and new business models emerging. The outcome is a constant redistribution of positions among the players and space for newcomers, giving rise to very attractive high-growth segments as well as opportunities for niche players.

    As a specialised investor in the digital economy relying on long experienced and privileged relationships with industry leaders, we believe we are perfectly positioned to benefit from this sector's tremendous growth prospects.

  • Where does Iris Capital invest?

    Iris Capital is a true pan-European investor. Indeed, we invest mostly in Europe through our French and German teams, and beyond mainly in the US.
    We have historically invested across 18 European countries and have a long and successful experience in North America.

    Iris Capital has offices and investors based in Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and San Francisco. We have also created a specific structure in Dubai, Iris Capital MENA, in charge of our investments in the region.

    Such international coverage allows us to benefit from local expertise to source key investment opportunities, as well as to help our portfolio companies develop internationally.

  • What is a typical investment size?

    We invest between 1M and 30M euros in total per company, from early stage to growth capital.

  • Is Iris Capital an active shareholder?

    We like to consider ourselves as proactive, not "hands-on investors".  We fuel entrepreneurs, we don't hack their story.
    When we invest, we bring capital but we also bring know-how and network to help companies grow locally and beyond.

    Our partners are industry experts, which allows them to speak the same language as the entrepreneurs we support. Our long experience is also key to better manage situations we've already faced. We rely on a solid international network of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate and industrial partners, including obviously a great number of companies we have invested in. 

    As a multi-corporate fund, we also have key relationships with the corporates and institutions that invest and have invested in our funds. This network includes industry leaders such as Publicis, Orange, Valeo, BRED Banque Populaire, Bpifrance and others. They share with us valuable information and contacts that we're happy to rely on adding more value to the support we give to our portfolio companies.

    We foster an environment of open communication with the founders of the companies we fuel. Their journey is intense and it should be shared with a partner who has an accurate market view and shares the same long-term vision. 
    This can only be achieved with transparency and reactivity.

  • What is the typical length of investments?

    We are long-term investors creating value through the growth of our investee companies. We usually remain invested in companies for 4 to 5 years. However, we are always willing to consider and accommodate specific situations taking into consideration the M&A and IPO markets cycles.

  • Is Iris Capital always leading the investment round?

    In Europe, we typically act as a lead or co-lead investor, but this is not a set condition: each case differs depending on the investment size and its location, and we always seek the best round composition for each company. Outside Europe, we prefer to partner with a local fund that acts as lead investor and on-site monitor.

  • Does Iris Capital take board seats?

    As we strive to participate in the strategic decision-making process within the companies we invest in, we do require to sit on the company’s board, allowing us to bring the company our international experience.

  • Who should I contact?

    If you have a project for us, send it through our submission page so it can be distributed to the right partner with a strong industry expertise at Iris Capital. We will then get back directly to you.

  • Our history

    Iris Capital was founded in 1986 within the public financial institution Caisse des Dépôts by a team led by Henri de Lapparent. They started investing internationally as early as 1991, then the structure became independent in 2003. The team has always been focused on its industry expertise covering media, telecoms, IT and Internet aka the digital economy.

  • What is the contribution of the corporates in the fund?

    Iris Capital is a multi-corporate fund. Its corporate investors are actively supporting Iris Capital with their solid expertise, their strategic vision and experience in Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and 5G networks but also Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Software Design.
    When Iris Capital invests in companies it brings them its network of privileged relationships with industry leaders in Europe and beyond.

  • Who is Iris?

    In Greek mythology, Iris is a goddess of communication. She is the messenger of the gods, the sea and the sky.

  • Our legal and regulatory framework

    Iris Capital Management is a portfolio management company approved by the AMF www.amf-france.org, since December 2001, under no. GP01050.
    Iris Capital Management requested and was granted AIFM accreditation in September 2014.

  • Our professional and ESG commitments

    We are active members of professional associations in France (France-Invest, ex AFIC, www.franceinvest.eu) and in Germany (BVK www.bvkap.de).
    We have signed the ESG (Environmental, Labor and Governance) commitments within the framework of the PRI www.unpri.org, as well as the France-Invest Charter for Capital Investors ("Charte des Investisseurs en Capital de France-Invest").

    As part of these commitments, Iris Capital  has defined guidelines and methodology for the ESG aspects it implements as part of its pre-investment due diligence.

    Furthermore, the management company annually monitors the situation of the portfolio companies, as well as its own situation, with regard to these ESG criteria.

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