News - 20.03.2020

LumApps provides a free emergency communication platform - Covid19

Considering the COVID-19 spread and the resulting global health crisis, companies in Europe have been asked to get their employees to work from home. To go through this phase, LumApps, a provider of internal communication solutions, is supporting European businesses by offering them a cloud-based solution that allows them to maintain a solid relationship with their employees during the crisis.

From March 20th 2020, as part of the operation set up by the French government in support of businesses, LumApps will offer a free access to its cloud solution for all companies with internal communication issues in this emergency time

The crisis communication platform offered by LumApps is based on a secure cloud and is also available on mobile phones. It allows companies to publish news profiled by area of expertise, country and language so that all employees can benefit in real time from the gathered information. Q&A rooms also allow employees to share their concerns with their employers who can respond instantly, individually or collectively. Collaborative and social, this platform aims to ensure the continuity of work for companies of all sizes in these troubled times.

LumApps is committed to supporting European businesses and their international clients who face similar restrictions and contributes to the global effort to maintain a constant activity for companies throughout the crisis.

For more information, please visit LumApps Website