News - 21.05.2019

The New unu Scooter

  • unu, the Berlin-based mobility company launches the second generation of the unu Scooter. It can now be pre-ordered at a reduced price and will be available in the regular sale from 2.799€, starting in August.
  • The Berlin-based company designed the new unu Scooter in-house and completely redeveloped it in cooperation with partners such as BOSCH and LG in Germany. The new scooter offers space for two people, as well as the largest storage space and one of the fastest acceleration values in the electric scooter segment.
  • With its own app and integrated display, the scooter offers innovative smart features such as navigation, anti-theft protection and digital key sharing. These can be activated optionally and free of charge by the customer and are available step by step together with other features thanks to over-the-air updates.


More and more people are moving to cities – however this doesn’t necessarily increase cultural diversity. As roads become more and more crowded, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to experience the full potential of metropolises. For example, drivers in German cities on average spend 120 hours a year in traffic jams. The three founders of the Berlin-based mobility company unu have been working on solutions for urban mobility for more than six years. unu is currently the market leader in electrically powered scooters sold in Germany, with over 10.000 scooters on the streets. Now, the company is presenting its second networked product generation.

The second generation of the unu Scooter was designed by unu and developed in cooperation with partners such as BOSCH and LG in Germany. The scooter is powered by a BOSCH electric motor and can be driven with a regular driver’s license. With its portable batteries which can be charged at regular power outlets, the scooter has a range of up to 100 km. The motor is integrated into the scooter’s rear wheel, resulting in ample storage space underneath the seat, for example for two helmets and more. Instead of a key, the scooter can be unlocked with a keycard.

The consistent fusion of hardware and software in the new unu Scooter opens up new possibilities for unu users. Drivers have the option to use a number of additional new features with the free unu App: They can check on their scooter’s location and charging status from anywhere. If the scooter is moved in the absence of the user, theft protection intervenes. The users are notified via the unu App and can then locate the scooter. If a destination is sent to the scooter via the app, the users are navigated to their destination via the integrated display. unu users travelling in the city no longer have to look at their smartphone. In addition, the scooter can be started with a digital key via the app. This key can easily be shared digitally with friends, family and in the neighbourhood via the unu App. “This paves the way for micro-sharing for the first time. This way we’re introducing a new scooter usage model for urban mobility. However, networking in a small group is only the beginning”, says Elias Atahi (co-founder and CXO unu). The unu Scooter is adaptive: The number of smart features is automatically extended over time and free of charge via the cloud.

The scooter can be ordered online ( in three models and seven colors, starting from 2.799€. Customers receive the unu Scooter ready to ride, meaning with number plate and insurance, straight to their doorstep. “In the second product generation, too, we combine our individualized series production with direct trade via the Internet, which eliminates expensive dealer margins and makes our products accessible to everyone”, says Pascal Blum (co-founder and CEO unu).

The new unu Scooter is available to pre-order now. The pre-order package offers advantages with a total value of about 330€, including a 100€ discount on the scooter, a free helmet and an additional third year of warranty. First come first served: The E-scooters pre-ordered during the pre-order phase will be delivered to customers’ doorsteps in a box ready to drive from September 2019. The new scooter will replace the previous unu Scooter Classic, which is only available for a few more weeks. Regular sale starts in August.

unu enters the next phase of the company evolution with the launch of the new unu Scooter. “With the unu Scooter Classic we have successfully made electric mobility accessible to the masses. With our new e-scooter we’re launching the second generation of the networked electric vehicle on the market, which can be used for mobility services”, says Mathieu Caudal (co-founder and COO unu). In the long term, unu is working on the final product vision of an electric, networked, autonomous vehicle. This year, the young company will enter the international sharing market with their new product.